Coverages you can adapt to suit your clients' needs

When it comes to property and general liability insurance, we give you access to a variety of combinations that can meet every customer's expectations. But there's more. You want to protect your clients against new risks and help them save money, and we give you the tools to meet and exceed their expectations.


Crime insurance

With Crime insurance, your Commercial Lines customers can rest easy, knowing they have broad protection in the event of employee dishonesty, theft, fraud and more. And with two levels of coverage, they can choose the one that best meets their needs.

Simple, flexible and complete, Crime insurance helps businesses deal with the internal and external threats they’re most frequently exposed to.

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CGL Max + Liability EDGE

With our commercial general liability solutions, your customers are covered for lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage to third parties that may arise from an accident on their premises, or as a result of their operations, products or work. These flexible, simplified products are suitable for any SME, no matter the size of their business or what industry they’re in.

With CGL Max, they get a solid base of protection that will help them get back on track after a claim.

They can also extend their coverage with Liability EDGE. This package of 13 extensions offers three levels of coverage that can be customized to fit their needs and evolve with their business.

Check out the marketing materials and training to learn more!


Three levels of protection, the flexibility to allocate limits of insurance in different ways in case of a claim, and more than 50 available coverage extensions, including a catch-all clause that’s a huge benefit if a claim exceeds the sub-limit for certain extensions:
EDGE Complete gives you the edge by giving your customers all the flexibility they need.


With Assist inc. – a trio of assistance services offered at a great rate! – your customers who own a SME get assistance and advice so they have more time to concentrate on the growth of their business.


HR Assist* gives them access to a telephone assistance service for up to 10 hours of consultation per year with an Certified Human Resources Professionals (5 cases, 2 hours per case). Examples of employment contracts and other tools are also available to them.

Legal Guard* is a telephone assistance service that gives them access to an experienced lawyer as often as they need. They find answers to legal questions concerning their company’s operations.

Privacy Breach** helps them reduce the risks of a privacy breach through an information Web platform on cyber risks, which includes a tool for assessing safety deficiencies and identify means to correct them. Coverage is also offered in case of a cyber attack.


Don’t forget that you have access to support materials to familiarize yourself with Assist inc., including Selling Points, an FAQ, a Star Features chart and a marketing letter to the insured. Take advantage of these!

See the Assist inc. tools.



Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to mentioned offers. These offers are subject to change without notice. * Legal telephone assistance services as well as HR-related assistance services are provided by independent third parties. **Non-insurance services under the Privacy Breach endorsement are provided by CyberScout, an independent third party. These services do not constitute legal advice.


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